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Life Strategist

As a Life Strategist my mission is to foster personal development and growth by guiding and empowering you through a journey of self-discovery personally and professionally. My goal is to enhance my client’s proactive capacity and full potential by identifying external and internal problems, difficulties and obstacles that stand in the way of goal attainment. Areas of focus could include (but not limited to) goal clarity, entrepreneurship goals, personal foundation, relationship enhancement, family/life balance, emotional wellness and breaking through Barriers.

To inquire about my Life Strategist services, email me at:

Life Strategist Package Includes:

15-minute personalized

One to One Strategy sessions
(5 Sessions, ½ hour each)

My published Book Authentically You ($23 value)

Invitation to the closed Facebook community “Authentically You”

Benefits of having a
Life strategist:
  • To help you define your goals.
  • To observe, listen, question with an unbiased, nonjudgmental ear, and provide feedback at various stages throughout the process.
  • To help you identify the problems and obstacles inhibiting progress in different areas of your life and assist you in prioritizing and addressing them.
  • To serve as a teacher/mentor and a facilitator for new skill development that can give you the tools necessary for problem -solving.
  • To identify cognitive distortions and unhealthy thinking patterns that get in the way of goal attainment
  • To support you unconditionally